MHO is united by common values.


We strive to live out our values and principles consistently at every level of the organisation, and in every location. Its our to work together as teams with the right attitudes and actions to the true MHO vision and mission.


We seek to bring hope to people devastated by crisis and caught in apparently hopeless situations. Together with the communities we serve and strive to make sustainable improvements to neutralise their situation.


We are committed to use the best practices in our administration and operations to pursue excellences in all we do. We will be accountable to our activities and actions. and offer practical support through relief and recovery initiatives.


We believe that each person is uniquely valuable and worthy of respect. Wherever possible we personalise our assistance, taking individual needs and circumstances into account and respecting the dignity and independence of the people we serve.


We desire to relieve human suffering of their basic rights. We assist people who are vulnerable and offer practical support through relief and recovery initiatives.


We are motivated to care for those who suffer because our goal is to care for those in need. Our faith inspires us to  give our best in all circumstances.