Humanitarian Mission


Peaceful Demonstration: “Solidarity Ummah NGO2, MHO & Refugees Etnik Rohingya In Malaysia ‘Hentikan Pembunuhan Etnik Rohingya Di Arakan Myanmar‘. Location : Tabung Haji Kuala Lumpur (2016)

Education Partnership with the President MHO and Visiting Progam from Friends of the Middle East.

Close cooperation with the security personnel (ESSCOM) in building relationships with the Bajau sea, Pala’uh etc.

MEDIA CONFERENCE: Memorandum of Understanding Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) with Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM). Annoucing on Joint Venture Humanitarian Program (2016)

MOU between MHO and Organization and Association Medine Munevver (MEM-DER) from Turkey for “Humanitarian Medical Supply & Charity Activities to Syria”. (2016)

Special Meeting And Media Conference: Malaysian And Rohingya NGO.
Media Statement ‘urgent Action: Stop Etnic Killing On Rohingya In Arakan Myanmar’ (2016)

Pakistan Earthquake Humanitarian Mission with SMART Team Malaysian Armed Forces (2006)

Humanitarian Mission in the Palestinian refugee camp, in Gaza and Syria Border. (2008 – 2010)

“Ruang Bicara” (Live In Bernama TV)
“Manusia Hilang Kemanusiaan (Humans Lost Humanity)” by PPIM Chief Activist Datuk Nadzim Johan & MHO President Dr Noorazman (2016)